Nitewalker PREAMP

Kevin Scholl

” I was playing drums in a garage band at age 16 (1979) when another drummer came in and we still had no bassist, so I said I’d play bass. My dad took me out and bought me a black Rickenbacker 4001 (probably early 70’s or earlier) and as soon as I started playing, I knew it was the instrument for me. I feel so at home and am able to express myself musically on bass more than guitar. I love laying down the groove with the drummer and the color I create throughout a song especially a middle of the road tempo song and during the break down of a bridge section! I’ve always desired to hear a bass tone that was fat, warm, punchy, low on the mid’s and with a clean, well-rounded tone. With the Nite Walker Bass Guitar Tube Pre-amp I can truly say I have found the tone I’ve always strived for. When I run the pre-amp through my pedal board, it really comes alive and makes my chorus, delay, wah-wah and multi-combination effects pedal sound amazing… and running it as a bi-amped rig, wow. Thank you Cliff for seeking and finding that tone you always wanted to re-create after playing your first bass amp … I am proud to endorse the @newbasstone Nite Walker pre-amp and have become a huge fan… Bravo sir! I’m based in Southern California and I considers the bass my main instrument. I am a mutli-instrumentalist and a singer/songwriter. You can hear my music at: or”

Kevin’s new EP “Break Free” has been released on all streaming platforms, including Reverbnation.

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Beachcombers Guide to Bass
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