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Gastro Rejuvenator/ Stress/ Mood Formula

Introducing Newbasstone, Inc. GASTRO REJUVENATOR/Stress/Mood Formula

  • Take one capsule in the morning, one capsule in the evening every day.
  • No need to keep taking them after you feel completely cured.

  One day at age 44 Clark Clifford discovered how to make a modern bass amplifier sound like his “old Bass Tone” that he bought at a hawk shop in Pittsburgh, Pa. at age 13. This illusive sound he could only dream of, since he sold it to buy a bigger amp, which would be louder for the larger venues where he started to perform by age 15. This same new amp had no tone, compared to the “old Bass Tone”.

      At age 45 he decided to try to mass produce his new discovery, so others could enjoy making music with a better, richer sounding bass guitar.  And so, Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamps were introduced in 2008. Having been in the starving artist category for more than a decade at this time, he resorted to the construction industry to make the money he needed to start a company. Right from the start adjusting to the heavy physical strains of manual labor caused problems. The worst of which was a case of chronic bad indigestion. He went to doctors who said they had nothing for him that would cure him. He tried over the counter medication but to no avail. Finally, he found a cure with a stress formula product, that if taken for several weeks would completely cure him of the stomach disorder. It was just a simple vitamin supplement with some added herbs. After a few years this product was discontinued, and he went looking for another product with the same ingredients. Lo and behold, after much searching, he found a mood product with the exact same ingredients. His suffering thankfully abated again. Unfortunately, not long after that the mood product was discontinued. Why had these two large vitamin corporations competed with each other on the same herbal supplement formula to only discontinue it, he wondered.

        For the past 15 years he searched to find a product with these ingredients, even inquiring at compounding pharmacies for a custom blend.  He tried to gather the ingredients himself at home but without success in curing his stomach problems, which seemed to be worsening year after year. Many herbal teas and gastritis formulas soothed his stomach, but never would they cure the problem.

     By some stroke of luck just this year he put a combination of ingredients together of the same formula as the original stress and mood product that actually was 100% effective. This proprietary herbal formula, once contained in the original formula, is unique, and he offers this, a new product, at a very reasonable price. This product should have been marketed as a gastric rejuvenator from the first, not a stress or mood product, even with the added B vitamin ingredients contained in the original formula.

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