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The secret to a “Studio Sound” in a live performance setting

Although we don’t guarantee that our preamp is a cure-all for the tone of the low notes; with some experimentation a BIG improvement is possible. (Who ever thought you could come close to a studio sound in a live playing situation??!! ) What is the secret ingredient behind this device, you might ask? We use either AudioNoteUK paper in oil capacitors or Russian Military Surplus paper in oil capacitors. Both work equally as well as the other, but there is a limited quantity of the less expensive Russian Military Surplus Capacitors.  People often ask why we don’t use U.S. made paper in oil capacitors, and the answer is that simply of what is available cost too much. The discovery of this preamp technology was made with paper in oil capacitors salvaged from a 1950s church organ, which was made in the U.S., but today only high end capacitors are available. We prefer to use AudioNoteUK capacitors if we have to use expensive capacitors. They are made for royalty, after all.

You might have to buy a new bass guitar or amplifier and change to a different brand of string to achieve the maximum effect, but with the Nitewalker Preamp you will have more tonal choices. Visit our store for compatible products. You can bet on it!! Your guitar player(s), keyboard player(s), and drummer will notice a difference in the tone they are able to create with the bass player using a Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamp. It’s remarkable what can happen!

Multiple settings

detailsYou may find that you are able to create better Highs with one setting on your amp and better Lows with another setting. This is the reason for the bi-amp capabilities of the Nitewalker Bass Guitar Preamp. You will be able to improve your tone even more using two channels on one amp or, even better, with two different amplifiers being used at the same time.

Great for acoustic instruments too!

Acoustic instruments which use piezo pickups and are in the bass register can be made to create richer tone with a Newbasstone Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamp in the bass tone circuit, too. Try plugging the output into the return on the send/return to bypass the inboard preamp on your Bass amp! No bass pedal board should be without one! A Newbasstone Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamp in combination with a digital bass amp modeling effects processor is the best starting point in creating the perfect tone for any situation when playing an amplified bass register musical instrument. If you have a tube emulator remove the Nitewalker from the circuit and find some more patches that you enjoy for more variety!

An old hotrodders trick from the 1950s

Tube overdrive is an old hotrodders trick from the 1950s, and you will sometimes find a “fat” switch on ald amplifiers, which is the same thing. More voltage is fed to the plates of the tube when the tube is being overdriven. This magnifies the tone for an even richer quality. WARNING: The 12AX7 tube will not last as long if tube overdrive is used.

Quality construction for safety and easy maintenance

Each Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamp is produced with a powder coat finish for safety. This finish is an electrically insulating coating. The current use is less that 250ma, even when in the overdrive mode. That means there will be little effect on your electric bill with the use of one of these preamps. Low maintenance construction ensures months of trouble-free use. All internal connections are soldered, thereby eliminating the usual need for cleaning plug-in connectors to keep the tone pure. The only maintenance ever needed will be to clean the pots and switches once in a while and make sure the single 12AX7 tube is in good condition. These newly revised preamps have been manufactured in accordance with the most recent safety standards.

Video Demos

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