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Bass Tube Preamp
Newbasstone Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamp!

Newbasstone, Inc’s. Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamp is an important development for Bass Guitar Players wanting a richer tone – Low register and High. It’s a remarkable remedy for the Bass Player Blues. No bass rig should be without  this all new bass tube effect with a newly revised circuit in compliance with all relevant U.S. safety standards.

String bass amplifiers or double bass amplifiers, electric cello amplifiers, even amplified low brass instruments all could have remarkably enhanced tonal characteristics by using a Newbasstone Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamp in the bass effects chain. Build your own pedal board or use a multi-effects processor with this pre-amp and create new tonal qualities for whatever type of music you are working on, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, Folk – You name it!

Large physically sized paper in oil signal condensers are combined with modern, small physically sized capacitor technology in a 12AX7 tube preamp circuit. The 12AX7 preamp schematic is a simple Class A type.  The secret behind the use of the large physically sized paper in oil capacitors is that they have a tendency to reduce transmission of high frequency components of the amplified signal, said large physically sized capacitors having certain substantial stray capacities to ground. Generally speaking, the higher the voltage rating is, the larger in physical size of the paper in oil capacitor.   If a 500-630VDC paper in oil capacitor is used the tone suddenly comes to life.  For over 50 years the technology has existed, but it was never discovered until recently. Try this new product!

Digital or COSM effects never sounded so good as when used in combination with the completely analog Nitewalker Preamp!  It’s here – a bargain at twice the price – The Nightwalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamp! For those on a budget with some extra time buy the DIY Beachcombers Guide to Bass Guitar Tube Preamp Building ebook – ONLY $14.95!!!

Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamp shown with optional tweed cover (dark or light).


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      If you want a unique addition to your bass guitar set-up go for the very best. It’s a worthy investment for any bass guitar player. In terms of bass amp effects and bass guitar effects, there is nothing that compares to this unique and simple to use device. Of course one would need to follow  normal maintenance procedure to keep sounding good, ie: changing strings, keeping pots clean in the amp and bass, connector and cable awareness, checking speakers and renewing the speaker mounting plywood once in a while, (We recommend a good tone wood, like Baltic birch.), and checking tubes. Visit our store for compatible products.

We at Newbasstone, Inc. pride ourselves on helping you from start to finish. We’re a small professional company offering unique angles for those with musical tastes. If you like playing loud music with the highest of quality, you can’t do any better than our bass preamplifiers. You will suffer from no buyer remorse with this product. What it comes down to is the individual musician who plays a bass instrument in a group must recognize the importance of improving the quality and color of the sound produced to enhance overall group sounds.

We know you’ll be satisfied with our high quality bass guitar effects, improving the variety of available sonic coloring. It’s a sure bet that your audience will be happier and more entertained.

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Beachcombers Guide to Bass

Beachcombers Guide to Bass
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